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Making of a Monster: Creating a World Record Size Mako Shark Replica, Start to Finish


We are New England's Largest & Finest Marine Taxidermists since 1976.

Applying the mold release to this World Record size Mako Shark Replica mold

Applying the Gel Coat to this Mako Shark Reproduction mold

Applying the Resin to the mold for the Mako Shark Mount

Applying the Fiberglass Material with a chopper gun to the mold for this Mako Shark Replica

Applying the Fiberglass Binder, which will hold the two halves together

Applying the Fiberglass Binder, which will hold the two halves of the Mako Shark mold together.

Clamping the pieces of the mold together. It will have to sit for about 1 hour for the batter mix to dry and then we will open the Mako Shark mold.

Clamps have been removed and we are beginning to open the mold

We are opening the mold and ready to pull our rough part out of the mold

Joe, Pat and Manny are removing the World Record Size Mako Shark Replica from the mold

Pat and Joe are bringing the replica to the grinding room for Manny to begin grinding and sanding of the Replica

Manny is now grinding the replica and preparing to fill the seams

Manny is still grinding the replica and preparing to fill the seams

Manny is filling the seams on this Mako Shark mount

Manny is sanding down the filler on the Mako Shark replica

Cutting the mouth out to prepare the replica to receive the jaws

Filler has all been sanded. The fish replica is receiving the first coat of primer.

Applying the spot putty to any imperfections that may be left on this Mako Shark fish mount.

Joe is installing the Mako Shark jaws into the fish replica.

Installing the eye

Putting the silver on the fish to prepare for the final painting of this fish replica. The silver helps to enhance the translusive colors of the fish mount when it is completed.

Applying the gun metal blue color to the back of the replica.

Applying the top coat on the back to darken it to its natural color.

Painting the details around the jaw set.

Putting the final clear coat on the Mako Shark reproduction.

Finished product, World Record size Mako Shark replica.

Fish mount is complete, crated, and ready to ship to our customer.

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