Price List

North American

SpeciesShoulder MountLife SizePedestal MountRugsAntlers/Horns on PanelEuropean
Alligator650475.00/ FT308.00 / FT165.00 P.A.
Antelope6503150.00845742.50 NH165.00253.00 P.I.
Bear, Black6952800.00 & up903231.00 / FT247.50 P.A.
Bear, Brown7955000.00 & up1034275.00 / FT302.50 P.A.
Bear, Grizzly7954200.00 & up1033.50275.00 / FT302.00 P.A.
Bear, Polar9255000.00 & up1203286.00 / FT324.50 P.A.
Bison149595001943.501430.00 NH434.50 P.A.
Boar (open mouth)6752995877.50231.00 / FT379.50 P.A.
Bobcat495995644852.50137.50 P.A.
Caribou95042501235825.00 NH247.50330.00 P.A.
Cow, Steer-Bull15001380020001375.00 NH302.50434.50 P.A.
Coyote495995644852.50148.50 P.A.
Deer, Blacktail5952875773.50550.00 NH165275.00 P.I.
Deer, Mule5953000773.50632.50 NH165275.00 P.I.
Deer, Whitetail5952875773.50632.50 NH165275.00 P.I.
Elk109569001423.50907.50 NH247.50434.50 P.A.
Elk (bugling)130069001690907.50 NH247.50434.50 P.A.
Fox495895643.50715148.50 P.A.
Javalina6751595878231.00 / FT214.50 P.A.
Lynx5251175682.50852.50148.50 P.A.
Moose1500.00 & up950018501100.00 NH385434.50 P.A.
Mountain Goat7253495942.501144.00 NH148.50192.50 P.A.
Mountain Lion79534951033.501265192.50 P.A.
Musk ox1375550018801342.00 NH302.50434.50 P.A.
Sheep (all North American)89536001163.50770.00 NH324.50385.00 P.A.
Wolf6952895903.501265214.50 P.A.
Wolverine5951495775850.50137.50 P.A.


SpeciesShoulder MountLife SizePedestal MountRugsAntlers/Horns on PanelEuropean
Baboon6952700904962.50227.70 P.A.
Blesbok77529501007.50632.50 NH213.40271.00 P.I.
Bongo1150590014951072.50 NH253376.20 P.I.
Buffalo - Cape15501100020151364.00 NH435.60577.50 P.I.
Bush Pig75028009751072.50385.00 P.A.
Bushbuck77529501007.50632.50 NH188.10271.00 P.I.
Caracal Cat4951600643.50814137.50 P.A.
Civit Cat4951600643.50715137.50 P.A.
Crocodile1400495.00 / FT308.00 / FT302.50 P.A.
Dik Dik5501795715385.00 NH138.60192.50 P.I.
Duiker (Common)5501695715385.00 NH148.50192.50 P.I.
Duiker (Yellow)7502900975511.50 NH148.50207.90 P.I.
Eland (Common)15751090020481166.00 NH330451.00 P.I.
Eland (Long Derby)16951190022041182.50 NH330451.00 P.I
Elephant18,000.00 - 21,000.009450025000
Elephant (Reproduction)QuoteQuoteQuote
Gazelle (Grants)79531951034913.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Gazelle (Thompsons)7252725943913.00 NH182.60264.00 P.I.
Gemsbok950450012351100.00 NH258.50374.00 P.I.
Genet Cat1200632.50137.50 P.A.
Gerenuk82538001073880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Giraffe44002500057202035.00 NH
Grysbok5501695715385.00 NH 138.60192.50 P.I.
Hartebeest89543951164913.00 NH253376.20 P.I.
Heyena795319510341650385.00 P.A.
Hippo (Open Mouth)5200250006760550.00 P.A.
Hippo (Reproduction)QuoteQuoteQuote
Impala79531001033.50880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Jackal4751575618.00962.50168.30 P.A.
Klipsringer5501795715495.00 NH138.60198.00 P.I.
Kob/Lechwe85035001105880.00 NH253324.50 P.I.
Kudu (Greater)1250700016251100.00 NH253275.00 P.I.
Kudu (Lesser)92544001203880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Leopard795390010341815253.00 P.A.
Lion1100590014302057311.30 P.A.
Nyala (Common)87542501137.50880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Nyala (Mountain)99553001294962.50 NH253372.20 P.I.
Oribi5751795748550.00 NH133.10188.10 P.I.
Puku77534951008880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Reedbuk7503100975880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Rhino (Reproduction)QuoteQuoteQuote
Rhino (White)4500259505850
Roan99558001293.50880.00 NH253376.20 P.I.
Sable107558951397.50880.00 NH253376.20 P.I.
Sitatunga77538951008880.00 NH253376.20 P.I.
Springbok7502950975880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Steinbok5501795715412.50 NH138.60192.50 P.I.
Suni5501695715412.50 NH138.60192.50 P.I.
Topi79543951034880.00 NH188.10275.00 P.I.
Warthog82532951163.50825.00 NH385.00 P.A.
Waterbuck97555501268963.60 NH253376.20 P.I.
Wildebeest97553001267.501100.00 NH253376.20 P.I.


SpeciesShoulder MountLife SizePedestal MountRugsAntlers/Horns on PanelEuropean
Aoudad85034751105935.00 NH198302.50 PI
Argali Sheep99549951294605.00 NH207.90302.50 PI
Auddax795380010341100.00 NH247.50385.00 PI
Bantang157599952047.50440663.30 PI
Black Buck5952950774880.00 NH159.50192.50 PI
Blue Bull925530012031100.00 NH178.20242.00 PI
Boar (Feral Hog)89539001163.501100434.50 PA
Catalina Goat6953200903.50880.00 NH173227.70 PI
Chamois6752750877.50660.00 NH138.60192.50 PI
Corsican Ram6953200903.50880.00 NH207.90297.00 PI
Dahl Ram6953200903.50880.00 NH207.90302.50 PI
Deer: Axis6953450903.50880.00 NH227.70341.00 PI
Deer: Fallow6953450903.50880.00 NH227.70341.00 PI
Deer: Red99556001293.501072.50 NH233.50346.50 PI
Deer: Silka6953300903.50880.00 NH159.50192.50 PI
Ibex89535001163880.00 NH173.80227.70 PI
Marco Polo Sheep105051001365880.00 NH275385.00 PI
Markhor89533001163.50880.00 NH207.90302.50 PI
Merino Ram7503500975207.90302.50 PI
Mouflon Sheep6953200903.50880.00 NH207.90302.50 PI
Muntjac5752400747.50138.60192.50 PI
Tahr77534951007.50907.50 NH137.50214.50 PI
Tur87535001137.50907.50 NH159.50247.50 PI
Urial Sheep77535001007.50605.00 NH192.50302.50 PI
Water Buffalo1595119952073.501346.00 NH435.60577.50 PI

Lifesize Small Game

Pine Martin595
Raccoon, Porcupine850


SpeciesSkin Mounts
Skin Mounts$17.00 per inch
Fiberglass Replicas (Open Gills)$17.00 per inch
Pedestal Mounts (2 Sided)$26.00 per inch
Striped Bass (Skin Mount) Over 40"$19.00 per inch
Minimum charge325
Custom underwater dioramas our specialty


SpeciesFlying or Standing
Grouse, Quail, Woodcock, Pheasant350
Large Ducks: Eiders, Common Merganzers, Brant Etc. 395
Turkeys - Standing, Flying, Strutting, or Gobbling895
On a limb or RoostAdd'l $65.00
Breast Mount475
Turkey tail and beard on Panel225

Prices include a suitable base.

We specialize in single or multiple piece diaramas. Let us carefully plan and design an individual mount that enhances the best features of your trophy and fits into your available display space. Call for quote.

Prices subject to change.

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