Price List

North American

SpeciesShoulder MountLife SizePedestal MountRugsAntlers/Horns on PanelEuropean
Alligator750495/ FT350/ FT225 P.A.
Antelope6503200845175265 P.I.
Bear, Black695Starting at 2800900250/ FT275 P.A.
Bear, Brown12955000.00 & up1685295 / FT325 P.A.
Bear, Grizzly1095Starting at 45001425295 / FT325 P.A.
Bear, Polar150060001950295 / FT350 P.A.
Bison1595950020751695 NH445 P.A.
Boar (open mouth)77535001075275/ FT375 P.A.
Bobcat4951195645850175 P.A.
Caribou95045001245900 NH250350 P.A.
Cow, Steer-Bull15951380020001375 NH325450 P.A.
Coyote5501100715850175 P.A.
Deer, Blacktail5952875775550 NH175275 P.I.
Deer, Coues6502875845550 NH175275 P. I.
Deer, Mule675.003200845645 NH175275 P.I.
Deer, Whitetail650.002875775645 NH175275 P.I.
Elk129569001425900 NH250450 P.I.
Elk (bugling)157569701785900 NH250450 P.I.
Fox495895645725150 P.A.
Javalina7251750945250 / FT225 P.A.
Lynx5501395715895175 P.A.
Moose1850 & up985020501100 NH395475 P.A.
Mountain Goat75038009751140 NH150225 P.A.
Mountain Lion875389511401275250 P.A.
Musk ox1395550018801350 NH325450 P.A.
Sheep (all North American)92539501200775 NH325425 P.A.
Wolf75029509751275250 P.A.
Wolverine5951595775850150 P.A.


SpeciesShoulder MountLife SizePedestal MountRugsAntlers/Horns on PanelEuropean
Baboon7652700995975225 P.A.
Blesbok79529951033645 NH225275 P.I.
Bongo1495650019451075 NH275395 P.I.
Buffalo - Cape16751150021751375 NH475575 P.I.
Bush Pig825299510751075395 P.A.
Bushbuck79529951035645 NH225295 P.I.
Caracal Cat4951695645825150 P.A.
Civit Cat4951695645725150P.A.
Crocodile1540495/ FT325 / FT450 P.A.
Dik Dik5751795750385 NH175195 P.I.
Duiker (Blue)5251750685385 NH150195 P. I.
Duiker (Common)5751795750385 NH150195 P.I.
Duiker (Yellow)79529951033525 NH150225 P.I.
Eland (Common)16951090022001175 NH325450 P.I.
Eland (Long Derby)18751190024651195 NH325450 P.I
Elephant (Reproduction)QuoteQuoteQuote
Forest Hog95035001245395 P.A.
Gazelle (Grants)79531951035925 NH195275.00 P.I.
Gazelle (Thompsons)7252725945925 NH195275 P.I.
Gemsbok975450012651100.00 NH265395 P.I.
Genet Cat1200650150 P.A.
Gerenuk90039501175875 NH195295 P.I.
Giraffe58002750075452075 NH
Grysbok5501750725385 NH 150195 P.I.
Hartebeest94044951225925 NH275395 P.I.
Hippo (Open Mouth)5500275007150750 P.A.
Hippo (Reproduction)QuoteQuoteQuote
Hyena795340010451675395 P.A.
Impala79533001045895 NH195295 P.I.
Jackal5251595685975175 P.A.
Klipsringer5501795725495.00 NH150225 P.I.
Kob/Lechwe85036501125895NH275350 P.I.
Kudu (Greater)1295700016851100.00 NH275395 P.I.
Kudu (Lesser)97544951275880 NH225395 P.I.
Leopard875450011451900325 P.A.
Lion1275680016602100395 P.A.
Nyala (Common)92542501200880 NH225325 P.I.
Nyala (Mountain)120059501560975 NH275395 P.I.
Oribi5752000750550 NH150195 P.I.
Puku85036951100880 NH195325 P.I.
Reedbuk- Common & Mountain82533501075880 NH195325 P.I.
Rhino (Reproduction)QuoteQuoteQuote
Rhino (White)5800265007545
Roan119562951550880 NH275375 P.I.
Sable119562951550880 NH275395 P.I.
Sitatunga89539951165880 NH275395 P.I.
Springbok79529951045880 NH225325 P.I.
Steinbok5501850725425 NH150225 P.I.
Suni5501695725425 NH150225 P.I.
Topi87543951140880 NH225350 P.I.
Warthog89533951175895 NH395 P.A.
Waterbuck107557951395975 NH295395 P.I.
Wildebeest995569512951100 NH295395 P.I.


SpeciesShoulder MountLife SizePedestal MountRugsAntlers/Horns on PanelEuropean
Addax825399510751100 NH250395 P.I.
Aoudad87535751140950 NH225375 P.I.
Argali Sheep117549951530625 NH225350 P.I.
Bantang1575105002050440695 P.I.
Black Buck6752950875880 NH175225 P.I.
Blue Bull925530012001100 NH175250 P.I.
Boar (Feral Hog - over 400 lbs.)895390011651100450 P.A.
Catalina Goat6953200900880 NH225325 P.I.
Chamois6952950900660 NH150225 P.I.
Corsican Ram6953200900880 NH225325 P.I.
Dahl Ram6953200900880 NH225325 P.I.
Deer: Axis7253550945880 NH250350 P.I.
Deer: Fallow6953450900880 NH250350 P.I.
Deer: Red1050569513651075 NH295395 P.I.
Deer: Silka6953300900880 NH225275 P.I.
Ibex89539751163880 NH225375 P.I.
Marco Polo Sheep115051001495880 NH395450 P.I.
Markhor89542951165880 NH225350 P.I.
Merino Ram7503895975225325 P.I.
Mouflon Sheep6953500900880 NH225325 P.I.
Muntjac5952495775150225 P.I.
Pierre Davids Deer120079001560275350 P.I.
Scrub Buffalo1595119952075475575 P.I.
Tahr82539501075900 NH150225 P.I.
Tur92539501200900 NH225375 P.I.
Urial Sheep79535501045625 NH225350 P.I.
Water Buffalo16951199522001350 NH475575 P.I.

Lifesize Small Game

Pine Martin725
Raccoon, Porcupine895


SpeciesSkin Mounts
Skin Mounts$19.00 per inch
Fiberglass Replicas (Open Gills)$18.00 per inch
Pedestal Mounts (2 Sided)$28.00 per inch
Striped Bass (Skin Mount) Over 40"$21.00 per inch
Minimum charge375.00
Custom underwater dioramas our specialty


SpeciesFlying or Standing
Grouse, Quail, Woodcock, Pheasant375
Large Ducks: Eiders, Common Merganzers, Brant Etc. 475
Canada Geese695
Blue Goose, Ross Goose, Snow Goose650
Turkeys - Standing, Flying, Strutting, or Gobbling995
On a limb or RoostAdd'l $65.00
Breast Mount525
Turkey tail and beard on Panel250
Tundra Swan1600

Prices include a suitable base.

We specialize in single or multiple piece diaramas. Let us carefully plan and design an individual mount that enhances the best features of your trophy and fits into your available display space. Call for quote.

Prices subject to change.

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